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Chinnathurai is the coastal village situated 10 km South West to Kaliyakkavilai, 44 km west to Nagercoil, 40 km South East to Trivandrum. Chinnathurai is one among the five villages of Thoothoor Panchayat. This village is a part of vilavancode Taluk, Kanyakumari District in Tamil Nadu. Chinnathurai is a village with rich historical and cultural backgrounds. The People of this village are traditionally Latin Catholics. Parents help their children to bring up to God. The main occupation is fishing. As fishermen they are hard working and dedicated to their family. From this village people are spread over the world from software to management sectors.

The word Chinnathurai was coined from ‘Chinna’ which means small and ‘thurai’ which denotes a village. So Chinnathurai may be meant as a small village. Another view is that Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ, and Mary’s mother is St.Anna. In Tamil St.Anna is called as Chinnamma in that way too our parish might have got it name - Chinnathurai.

Chinnathurai was erected as an independent parish by Rev.Dr.A.B Jacob Acharuparambil the Bishop of the Diocese of Trivandrum, on 29th March 1980. On Easter Sunday 6th April 1980 the Parish came into effect. As per the direction of the Bishop this was communicated to the people of Thoothoor and Chinnathurai on 30th March 1980 during the Sunday Mass.

St. Jude is the Patron of Chinnathurai parish. In Tamil St. Jude’s is called Yuda Thadeus. St. Jude holds a stick on his left hand. It depicts that he met martyrdom. He was beaten until death and finally he was beheaded. He is specially known for the protector of the disowned. The present church of chinnathurai was completed in the year 1989. The people of Chinnathurai are very pious, devotional and regular in the liturgy and other religious practices.


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